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Many questions arise when beginning to plan music for your Wedding Liturgy. To help you get started in this process we have compiled the following:

* General Information
* Answers to frequently asked questions (see below)
* Music Website ( with sample recordings (see General Information below)

After reviewing this information, contact the Music Office to make arrangements for your Wedding music.


Contacting the Music Office: After you make initial arrangements with one of the parish priests, please contact the Music Office. At this time, we can tell you about the resources available to you, offer a time-line for deciding on music and musicians, and answer any questions you may have.

Musicians for the Wedding Liturgy: An organist and cantor/vocalist from the parish staff are automatically assigned to your wedding. Should you wish to use additional musicians, for example flute, violin, trumpet or vocal ensemble, the Music Director will make the necessary arrangements for you. In an effort to maintain the highest musical and liturgical standards, all musicians are arranged for and hired through the parish music office. Professional instrumentalists and vocalists not associated with Queen of All Saints are not permitted. When using additional musicians, it is important to make arrangements early in the planning process, as we draw on some of the finest professional musicians in the city who maintain very active professional schedules. If necessary, the Music Director can help you determine which musicians can be most effective in terms of the specific pieces of music you choose to create the musical “environment” you desire.

Wedding Music Recording: The Music Office has compiled a recording offering samples of music that are appropriate for use in the wedding liturgy. This collection is by no means an all inclusive list. It is intended to serve as an effective starting point by either helping you identify titles to pieces with which you may already be familiar, or by introducing you to new pieces you may wish to use. The recording is available at A voice over on the recording will talk you through the pieces to which you are listening, the number of pieces you need to select, and so on.

Fees: The fee for wedding music is $400.00 (four hundred dollars, payable to Ken Sotak). This fee includes the services of the organist and cantor/vocalist, as well as all consultation and planning time. The usual and customary fee for additional instrumentalists and vocalists is $200.00 (two hundred dollars) per musician. In the event of special and unusual circumstances, these fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Final Step: Once music and musicians have been selected, the parish Music Director will review each of the details and, when completed, give final approval. Arrangements for payment for additional musicians should be made at this time. We recommend that final details be confirmed no later than two weeks before the Wedding date. Please note that all music and musicians are arranged with and approved by the Music Director in advance of this time.



1) Am I limited to a single vocalist or instrumentalist?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, there are several combinations of musicians that can be called upon to enhance the celebration. These include more traditional vocal options like a duet, quartet or chamber choir, or instrumental combinations like a pair of trumpets and timpani, a string quartet or brass ensemble. You might also desire a contemporary ensemble featuring vocalists, guitars, piano and synthesizer, drums and wind instruments like flute and oboe.

2) I have a friend or relative who sings or plays an instrument. Can they be a part of the liturgy?

Certainly! Your friend or relative is welcome to be a part of your wedding liturgy if you so wish. We will be happy to work with them. The cantoring of the Mass parts and organ playing are always done by the parish staff. Your friend or relative may sing a vocal solo or play an instrumental piece at select times during the liturgy such as Communion, the Sign of Peace or the dedication to the Blessed Mother. Please ask us about this option if it applies, but do keep in mind that this allowance is made available for friends or relatives only. Professional musicians not associated with Queen of All Saints are not permitted to be hired for the wedding. All professional musicians are hired by the music director.

3) What should I think about when selecting vocal pieces?

The texts of vocal pieces for your wedding should reflect the thoughts and feelings of the bride and groom in their spirituality and faith. Texts must be sacred in nature; ideally they will be based on scripture or make direct mention of the couple’s relationship with God. Secular songs which may speak of love but not in a religious sense, such as popular love songs, are not permitted and are best reserved for use at the reception.

4) We have a CD recording of a song. Can it be played at the liturgy?

Music plays an important role in enhancing the active, “in-the-present” nature of the worship service. In as much as we use readers to proclaim the scriptures, and not taped recordings of “great” orators, and real materials to enhance the environment, such as real candles and cut flowers instead of electric bulbs and artificial floral arrangements, we believe the music used in the liturgy must also be presented live, and therefore the playing of taped music is not allowed. However, every effort will be made to incorporate this piece into the liturgy.



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