15 - Mother’s Chapel

mothers chapelTo the right or west side of the sanctuary is the Mother's Chapel. A large wide picture window and glass doors afford a close up view of the sanctuary and altar for the occupants of the chapel. The wall is recessed so as not to be directly seen from the body of the church. Within the chapel, above the glass looking out to the sanctuary is a colorful mural, an original oil painting, created by the ecclesiastical artist Mr. Leo Cartwright of California. The blessed Lord is portrayed in his youth, as a shepherd boy seated upon the stump of a tree. The tall beam of the cross he supports is marked with the graphic red stains in the upper portion. Angels sit in adoration of the person of Christ.  On both sides of the shepherd four woolly sheep graze, each signifying four contrasting ways the invitation of Christ is received: some who listen and remain unfaithful, some who are more concerned with food and hunger, some who turn their beads aside for lack of interest, and those who listen intently and give themselves wholeheartedly to his requests. 

mary from walking tour brochure

The triple lancet stained glass window is dedicated to the Queen of All Saints as the Mother of God. In the center she is seen holding the Christ child upon her lap welcoming all children of the world to Him. Symbol and scenes of the Nativity are in the lower section. To the right and left of her, the children of the world come bearing gifts to the Infant King and his royal Mother. The underlying theme, which inspired the creation of this window, is "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, for such is the kingdom of heaven."

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