12 - Sconces 

sconceFastened to the interior walls, are twelve sconces, signs that the Basilica was consecrated. Most churches are blessed and dedicated for the service of God, but not in perpetuity. 

Consecration is a ceremony reserved to the Bishop, who, according to the solemn blessings and anointings with the Holy Chrism, dedicates a building to the service of God and elevates it to a higher and sacred order in perpetuum. 

When a church is consecrated, two transverse lines are drawn across the floor of-the nave with blessed ashes. This rite, an ancient Roman custom, is equivalent to inscribing the cross of Christ on the foundation. After the entrances of the building are blessed and the altars anointed, then twelve designated places on the interior walls are anointed by the Bishop with Holy Chrism, and in censed. They are forever marked with twelve ornamental candles.

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