7 - Stained Glass Windows

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The stained glass windows of the basilica are too numerous to give extensive detail here. Credit must be given to the artists who designed and executed these windows: Mr. Leo Cartwright, of Carmel, California; and Mr. Erhard Stoettoer, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

The lower windows of the Nave in the central panels pay tribute to the various titles of Mary as Queen, as found in the Litany of Loretto.

On the east, front to back, are:

  • Queen of Angels
  • Queen of Patriarchs
  • Queen of Apostles
  • Queen of Martyrs.

On the west side, front to back, are:

  • Queen Assumed into Heaven
  • Queen of Peace
  • Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
  • Queen of Virgins
  • Queen of Confessors.

Themes of the Stained Glass Windows

East Windows:

  • The Establishment of the Church
  • The Apostles
  • The Evangelists
  • The Missionaries
  • The Martyrs
  • The Doctors

West Windows:

  • The Virgins
  • The Widows
  • The Confessors
  • The Church at Work
  • The Saints of Many Nations
  • The Popes

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